Our history

La Staffetta was born among the desks of Agricolture Faculty in the University of Pisa when three students decided to move away from the city to the countryside. In an old house they found everything they could need: an old stable to experiment the magic of homebrewing and a big garden to grow hops and vegetables. Beer brewing shortly became a simple but effective way to spread and share projects and ideas. This led to the constitution, in 2012, of the ARCI La Staffetta association, whose main aim is to promote and develope brewing culture through local association networks.

Starting as “gypsy” brewers, La Staffetta put its own recipes into production by some of the best local breweries and it really took a short time before they become widely appreciated. Thanks to this La Staffetta could take part to local markets and fairs, reaching a great number of people and getting in touch with a lot of small producers, creating links and partnerships. The association runs a lot of different activities too, among which the most popular are certainly its homebrewing and beer tasting courses. Also, one of the main goal of the Associazione La Staffetta is the creation of a spinneret for beer producing, based upon the cooperation between local networks and institutions. The seed has been planted and something already started to grow, like “La Staffetta a Vapore” project: a series of beer produced by the brewery Vapori di Birra through geothermic energy.

With this solid background, in June 2016 a new project was given to life: La Staffetta inaugurates its own Tap Room in the centre of Pisa, keeping up producing as a beerfirm, and waiting for the day their own brewery will be finally ready...


“Conoscere i luoghi, vicini o lontani, non vale la pena, non è che teoria; saper dove meglio si spini la birra, è pratica vera, è geografia.”


A whole wooden recycled counter, a blackboard covered with tags, stickers and pictures everywhere, the old-fashioned shelf in a true English pub style and 5 craft beers on tap! La Staffetta Tap Room is an easy and cozy place where you will truly feel like home.

Whether you need a nice shelter to winter coldness or a perfect sightseeing spot in summer, you cannot certainly resist to enjoy a fresh beer while overlooking one of the most amazing landscape in town, the fascinating Lungarno. You can find ours as well as many italian craft beers on tap, and we also serve local food, liquors, spirits and juices. Looking at the fridges, you'll find a fine selections of bottled italian craft beers, including gluten free ones.





from Monday to Thursday
18.00 - 01.00

Friday and Saturday
19.00 - 02.00

16.00 - 23.00



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